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I first got to meet Phillip around 2014 October when he started to coach my son. Phillip did not need any introduction as I used to watch him play for both Leicestershire and England. I believed that my son needed to be coached by the best for the betterment of my son’s progression. I am glad to say both my son and I feel this was the best decision we have made. My son has been coached by Phillip for the last 18 months and can honestly say that he has progressed as a cricketer beyond his as well as my expectations. Phillip has got him to enjoy his game, which brought the best of him in the 2015 season. With the new season looming his excitement knows no bounds and this is down to the challenges that Phillip has set. I believe under Phillip’s coaching he has got another exciting season ahead of him....Pure enjoyment for me to watch my son develop as a cricketer with Phillips direction.

Having had two elder sons that played at youth county and academy level, when we moved to Leicestershire from Wales we were very keen to find a high quality coach to work with our youngest son who showed some potential as a top order batsmen. We were very fortunate to find Phillip Defrietas. Phillip quickly developed an excellent rapport with our son quickly building his confidence while at the same time improving his batting and fielding techniques. A key element of Phillip’s work is that his coaching caters directly for each individual’s specific talents and abilities. As a result of working with Phillip our son went on to score a considerable number of runs during the following summer including several match winning innings. In addition, and to our complete surprise, within the space of six weeks Phillip turned our son from a mediocre slow bowler into a very promising medium/quick bowler. We cannot recommend Phillip too highly as a coach.
Ian & Julie

My son, Reeshav Adit Mukherjee, who is a fast-bowling all-rounder, is training with Mr Phillip Defreitas since 2015 winter. Reeshav is enjoying every session and is eagerly waiting for the next session. Reeshav’s progress within this short period is remarkable. He gained significant confidence and became more positive about his bowling and batting. Phillip is also helping Reeshav to improve his fielding. Last but not the least, Phillip is helping Reeshav to improve his mental strength, which is making Reeshav not only a positive cricketer but also a more positive and confident human being who has started to believe in himself. I can most certainly recommend Phillip’s name to anyone who wants their child to become an excellent cricketer, and a confident and positive human being.

We were introduced to Phillip in October 2015, through a friend, who thought my son would benefit from his professional coaching. 

My son already has a specialist spin bowling coach who didn’t cover batting and although not actively looking for another coach, opportunities like this are not to be missed. From the first session Phillip made my son feel very comfortable, as the coaching was all about enjoyment and not expectations, in all facets of the game, batting bowling and fielding. After a couple of session assessing his capability, Phillip had a good understanding of my son’s cricketing strengths and weaknesses and started to work on these. His batting has improved enormously with a real increase in his power, confidence at the crease and as well as his shot selection. Although bowling is not a real focus of the coaching, consistency in length and direction was proving to be difficult. Phillip introduced a few techniques for my son to work through and recall. The signs a very encouraging and the work Phil has done will complement his specialist spin bowling coaching.

I cannot praise Phillip highly enough for his ability to get the best out of my son and to improve his cricket beyond our expectations. He has a really fun, easy way with the boys that make the coaching feel like fun and I cannot wait to see my son reap the benefits of his coaching and play some really excellent cricket this summer.